The Mechanic – Give him some Lovin’

It’s taken around 3 months, but we finally got there.

Now we have to move out by the 14th December.  Does anyone have a bike shed for rent. Must have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and a bit of lawn for the dogs.

Seriously, anyone with a house for rent our there?


The mechanics

The team mechanics are the unsung unheralded champions of the cycling scene. Low paid and unloved, their dextrous hands work magic and allow the riders to worry about what they get paid to do, that is ride.

In short.

They make shit work!

Remember that incident in the Stage 15 of the 2010 Tour de France where Alberto Clembutador took advantage of Schleck’s mechanical failure when his chain jumped off and jam his rear wheel just as he was attempting to attack the defending champion near the summit of the final climb of the day, near the top of the Port de Bales in the Pyrenees.

Contador seized the chance to strike and overturned a 31-second deficit to finish with an eight-second lead. But Schleck claimed it was against the race’s etiquette to profit in this way.

“My stomach is full of anger,” said Schleck.

Clenbutador won the tour, but was stripped of his title in 2012, some 18 months later after being caught out in the tests.

3 steaks please

I bet the mechanic got a bollocking at the days end.

The following pictures and clips are a tribute to the great bike mechanics.

Garmin Barracuda Mechanic

BMC – Cleaning the Bike

Next time your in your LBS, say g’day to the guy at the back of the shop, the guy with the grease under his finger nails and the holes in his shoes.

Next time you pick up your bike, give the mechanics a few beers, it doesn’t cost you much, but they will be thankful for your efforts.  I did last year with Steve and Michelle at Corsa Cycle Centre, gave them some McLaren Vale Ale.  I was thankful because Steve had gone out of his way to find that natty noise from the bottom bracket. Ended up being a loosish rear hanger (ever so slightly loose), drove me and Steve crazy trying to pinpoint the cause.

Thanks guys

Michelle and Steve


Toy of the week – Reynolds Coffee Table


Restaurant of the Week – Hell of the North – Fitzroy, Victoria

OK, not in Adelaide, but I did spend 6 years of my adult life in Melbourne, so I do have some fond memories of the alternative scene in and around Fitzroy.

This is a new restaurant that is pitched at locals. Nestled in a quiet spot just off Smith Street, the restaurant serves delicious but decidedly off-trend French bistro fare.

Architectural commentary via ArchitectureAU

Restaurant website – Hell of the North

Hell of the North via Architect Australia



Website of the Week – Beercycling

Are you looking for a vacation visiting the best breweries and beer cafes in Belgium or the Netherlands. Well look no further.

This mob combine beer tasting and bicycle touring. Not your everyday pub crawl, but devote their energies to providing exotic cycling experiences finding those seasonal and limited release brews, pairing dinner beer-food at parties, and pretty much anything associated with gourmet beer drinking.

When it comes to transport, they make you earn tHat drink, as opposed to the vehicular tours. It’s fun, challenging, and just makes you feel plain good about yourself at the end of the day.

There is nothing like the taste of a cold, refreshing pint of craft beer after a long ride. And you won’t feel guilty about the few extra calories either!

Till next week

Tight Spokes


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