Hi all

This weeks post is a mix of some new topics, traditional Wed Legs pictures and some random pictures that I have found interesting on my surfing over this past week.


Bike Tribes

Thanks to those who have responded to my emailed question about bike tribes. The list is slowly building up.  There are definitely some hard core cyclists out there.

I’d appreciate further feedback before I pull the list together. For those not on the distribution list and you’d like to share the bike tribe you belong to, please forward via the comments link on this blog any details such as where, when, size, favorite routes, group makeup, blog address etc


Most expensive Bike this week on Bike Exchange – New (SA)

$18,000 – S-Works Venge EPS Limited Edition (2013)


Most expensive Bike this week on Bike Exchange – Used (SA)

$10,500 – Specialized Andy Schlecks Saxo Bank Sl3 2010 (2010)


How to Lube your Bike  – Gnar Lube

Some may think that cleaning and lubing your bike is as simple as using a bit of degreaser and lube in the back shed.  Not so. To look after your investment you need to be more picky about the lube and the way you apply it.

Take note.

Gnar Lube.



Thats what mates are for

le col de l’Aubisque

When will this ever stop

Spokes can do that


Website of the Week – Return of the Cafe Racers

It’s a look at the new breed of Cafe Racer motorcycles hitting the streets, the trends that influenced their creation and the future of Cafe Racer culture. It’s a salute to the past and the present custom motorcycle scene and the people whose  passion fuels it.


Toy of the Week – F*** the Rain Umbrella

Made in China

Weight: 600 g

Designers: Artemy Lebedev, Anton Schnaider

Automatic open/close

Material: 100% polyester

Length when closed: 29 cm (11.4″)

Dome diameter: 100 cm (39.4″)

Dome sections: 8 pcs.

Till next week

Tight Spokes


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