Giro di Lombardia

Joaquim Rodriguez won the Giro di Lombardia in atrocious conditions, becoming the first Spaniard to win the race. He escaped on the day’s final climb of the Salite di Ello – Villa Vergano, and was able to stay away from a strong chase group ahead of second placed Samuel Sanchez and third placed Rigoberto Uran .

Luca Paolini bloodied and glaring at the camera

Ryder Hesjedal followed by Danilo di Luca

Joaquin Rodriguez

The start of Philippe Gilbert s reign as the UCI Road world Champion unfortunately ended in a crash and an abandonment of the Giro di Lombardia on Saturday.

I’m not sure the fashio police would agree with the teaming of the UCI jersey with the red and black BMC team colours though.

This is a tweet of Phillipes jersey after the race.


Frank Schleck

Remember Frank – pulled from the Tour after a positive test for the diuretic Xipamide on July 14.


Well, we’re one week from the verdict, and it would seem that he’ll  probably receive the two year sentence. Looking forward to the newspaper howls next week. 




What the heck is that in the top left of the picture?

Looks like old Traction Engines (Road Locomotives). Does anyone have any idea of their history?

These are just some of the uniquely Australian sights not far from Norton Summit.

How do you get there?  Hang a left at:

and follow Colonial Drive down the hill – follow it down to the end, swing right and follow the loop around.  Go on, give it a try. Quiet roads, spectacular scenery, and relatively flat.



Lance Armstrong won Sunday’s Superfrog Triathlon in a course record (1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run in 3 hours, 49 minutes, 45 seconds) on the Silver Strand – living up to his pre-race declaration:  “I am not banned from life.”

Toy of the Month – Camera Mount – RAM

As you will recall, I borrowed a Go Pro camera from KD earlier this year for my 3 Peaks ride. I got some great photos, but unfortunately the bracket snapped coming into Dinner Plains and the camera went rolling into the grass on the side.  Camera survived but there was no way to reattach the camera housing to the bike, so no more photos after dinner plains.  I was looking forward to photos from WTF. 

Apparently this had happened to KD before I borrowed it, and again afterwards, weach time with a new bracket. 

Anyway, I was listening to the fredcast over the weekend and heard them talking up the RAM camera mount on their Go Pro.  Apparently they had the same issues with the GoPro brackets, but came across the RAM, and have not had any concerns since.


Website of the Week – Gruber Images

Some terrific cycling photos.

Ashley and Jered Gruber are a husband and wife photographic duo. Their adventures mainly center around the world of road cycling. As journalists and photographers working for Peloton Magazine, Bicycling Australia, and, they compose travel articles, interviews, and race day coverage.


Photo of the Day

It’s not every day that a space shuttle lands at LAX. Although this was a first for the major Los Angeles airport hub, it was a last for the space shuttle Endeavour, as it completed its tour of California skies and landed atop a 747, for the last time. 

Now retired, the space shuttles are all museum pieces, with the above shuttle scheduled to be towed along the streets of LA to the California Science Centre


Till next week.

Tight Spokes


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