Fathers Day

First up, we've taken the plunge and now have the house on the market. The first open is this weekend Sat 25 August from 2:00-2:30. The auction date is Saturday 15th of September 2012 @ 12:00pm Further details at this link - Toops 6 Fort Avenue ________________________________________________________________ Well done to Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter, … Continue reading Fathers Day

Where to from here?

It's been a long month with the Tour de France (remember that?), and the Olympics. Fortunately it doesn't stop there. Coming up at the end of this week is the Vuelta.  More about that later. __________________________________________________________________ This last week saw cycling at the Olympics wrap up with the BMX and Cross Country events. BMX is … Continue reading Where to from here?

Bloody Poms

He's back. Alberto Contador made a return racing in the Tour of Benelux in The Netherlands - The Enoco Tour. ________________________________________________________________ You've got to hand it to those Poms. They've been threatening to unravel the Aussies at the 2012 Olympics for quite some time. Usually these rants have a way of coming back to bite … Continue reading Bloody Poms