Britain’s new National Champion

In the stage 8 post-stage press conference Wiggins was asked what he thinks about people who point fingers at Team Sky and hint that he is doping.

Here’s his response:

I say they’re just fucking wankers. I cannot be doing with people like that.
It justifies their own bone-idleness because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to do anything in their lives.
It’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter and write that sort of shit, rather than get off their arses in their own lives and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something. And that’s ultimately it. Cunts.

Well, what a dominant ride that was from Team Wiggo. I had thought it was a boring tour, no constant attacks, no stare downs, no ‘one on ones’  and no gut wrenching solo rides up Hors Category mountains trying to pull back time. Boring? Maybe. Team sky were ruthless and relentless.Always setting the pace when required at tempos that did not allow their opposition to send out strong attacks.  Every time someone did, and that was rare, team Sky did not panic, they had a plan, upped their pace ever so slightly and gradually hauled them back in.  A brilliant game plan executed to perfection.

Team Sky

As Wiggo says, the 2012 style Tdf may very well be the start of tours to come post drug era?

What caught Wiggo’s attention? Some say it was Lesley Garrets god awful rendition of God Save The Queen



As you can imagine, the newspapers have gone ballistic over in the UK.

Below are just a few.

via the independent

via menmedia
via sportsvibe
via the Telegraph
via talksport

via the citizen


Cadel 2013

35 years old, now with 6 top 10 finished in 8 attempts, a damn fine effort in anyone’s language. Great effort this year, although you may want to change vitamin supplier.

Cadel in Darwin

Can he continue? A big ask, everything needs to go right and he will need an uninterrupted preparation and the support of a better mountain climbing team than he had this year.

After completing this years race, asked if he would return to the race next year, Cadel replied: “Absolutely, absolutely – and I think I’ll be a bit hungrier. I’ll come back 100 percent, better than this year, that’s for sure.

I’ll work everything for a bigger and better Tour and I think I still have the capabilities to win.”

Good luck at the Olympics Cadel.

Chiara, Cadel and Roben



George retires at the age of after 17 years at the TdF. 17 attempts, 16 Finishes. His first TdF was back in 1996, the only one he didn’t finish.

In riding 17 Tours, Hincapie logged over 59,000 kilometers, labored over 450 categorized climbs and completed 341 stages.

A truly epic performance.

As a mark of respect from team Sky, he was requested to lead the peleton into Paris.

George has been Cadels lieutenant over the last few years and was seen to provide Cadel with unquestionable support during Cadels awful day in the Pyrennes. At the completion of that day, Evans reached over to acknowledge his support.

George and Cadel (via the Age)

“I don’t think a guy like George is replaceable,” Evans said.

“He’s really one of a kind and I always admired him, even before I knew him.

Hincapie was part of nine Tour de France wins: seven with Lance Armstrong; one with Alberto Contador; and the final with Cadel Evans, in 2011.

Here are some photos of Georges Last Lap of France BMC.

Farewell George, we’ll miss you and your legs

George Hincapie with former-podium-girl-now-wife Melanie and daughter Julia


Black Dog

Philippe Gilbert and a few other riders were brought down by a big black pony/dog on the 18th stage.

The dog wandered out onto the road at the 120km mark of the 226km race from Blagnac to Brive-la-Gaillarde on Friday.

A family watching the race go past saw their huge dog, which some riders later compared to “a pony,” run out into the road.

He hurt his elbow, hip and shoulder, but fortunately his dream of competing in the London Olympic Games is still on track.

Gilbert eventually got back on his bike to resume racing and receive treatment by medical staff, but not before giving the dog owner a piece of his mind.

He added: “I wanted to hit them, but (team manager) John Lelangue managed to calm me. Afterwards I was really annoyed.

“What can you do against people who insist on standing to watch the race with a dog that size that isn’t on a lead? It’s not right. The proof is it caused an accident.”


3 Peaks 2013

For those doing next years 2013 Three Peaks, the date has been set for Sunday 10th March.

This little black duck isn’t riding the 3P in 2013, but I do have intentions of riding in 2014.

It’s still early days, but on my opinion you should be thinking bout your training plan. Start to condition your winter legs to some decent hill climbs several times a month so that when spring hits, you will be starting at a decent level of climb conditioning.


Olympic Games

This sports thing on the other side of the planet is killing me!

This weekend is the start of the 2012 Team Wiggo Olympics. Can’t wait.

The road race should be good, but for me the track will be more exciting, although Chris Hoy, an absolute machine of a man, will no doubt add another gold or two.

Chris Hoy

I’m looking forward to the Meares v Pendleton clash. The simmering tension between these will boil over should the two fight it out in the final of the womens sprint.

Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton (left) with Australia’s Anna Meares

Women’s sprint finals, August 8, 2.26am ____________________________________________________________________

Toy of the Week – Big George

Big George being presented with his Gentlemens Round SL01

To commemorate George Hincapie’s record-setting 17th Tour de France, BMC custom-painted this SL01 with gold highlights, “lucky seventeen” and “gentleman’s round” motifs. Hincapie has a saddle height of 82.5cm, a reach of 62.3cm (tip of saddle to center of bars), uses a 140mm stem and 175mm crankarms. He trains and races with an SRM power meter, and uses a Fizik Aliante saddle.


Website of the Week

My blanket of support for cheap wines is GetWinesDirect

Keep your eye open, at times there are some bargains.


Lanterne Rouge

Spare a thought for this years Lanterne Rouge, IJimmy Engoulvent from Saur-Sojasun.

Jimmy Engoulvent

Engoulvent, “succeeds” Fabio Sabatini (Liquigas-Cannondale), the final finisher in 2011.

After a close race with Jan Ghyselinck (Cofidis), who was just 32 seconds faster than the Frenchman in Paris, Engoulvent chalked his finish up to simply not coming across a stage that suited him.

“We must admit that the results are average,” Engoulvent remarked about his team’s effort in the Tour. “It took me a while to find my real level. I missed getting the result I am still waiting on in the Tour. At the team level, it was unfortunate – Jérôme [Coppel] fell ill and this just destroyed our strategy.

“The profile of the course did not offer a lot of stages for riders of my style, except perhaps in Pau. And that day, I had a puncture at the wrong time and I did more than forty kilometres behind the cars. When you look at the stage winners, it is clear that there was not much available for the ‘baroudeurs.’”

Tight Spokes.



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